A business analyst collects and analyzes information related to the operation of a business: revenues, expenses, sales, number of employees involved in the processes. Analysts are needed not only in IT, but also in companies that deal with metallurgy, finance, medicine, construction. Everywhere the business analyst tries to make the area function as efficiently as possible. Here are examples of the main tasks of an analyst: Project vision, Technical Task, Strategy Development.



Business Analyst

Business Analyst Services

Analysis in large projects helps to study the problem, formulate the requirements and select the appropriate solution.

  • Project vision. Business analysts study the company's problems in detail, propose solution concepts and formulate them in the form of requirements that will guide the developers. Strategic goals, operational objectives, external and internal environment of the company are taken into account, as well as the search for ways to optimize processes and methods of their implementation. 
  • Technical Task. An analyst is engaged in translation from business language to technical language and vice versa. Simply put, this is a person who turns a "want" into a specific task. 
  • Strategy Development. Strategy identifies ways in which the company can increase the value provided to customers, as well as gain additional benefits in the future. In other words, strategy identifies those needs that are the basis for developing subsequent solutions. 

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User Story

This is a short and as clear as possible description of the product's functionality or features that the user will receive as the final value. Some people think that a user story is something like a short description of a developer's task. But there are specifics beyond the brevity of this task. A user story describes the task in such a way that it describes the needs of the client who will use the product. The text of the user story itself should explain the role/actions of the user in the system, his need and the profit that the user will get after the story happens.


Discovery phase

The main goal of the Discovery phase is to make a business proposal. The task of the business analyst is to gather maximum information about the client's needs and express it in a separate document to make an offer to the client that the client will not be able to refuse. In practice, the Discovery Phase lasts up to 1 month. The result of the business analyst's work in the discovery phase is all sorts of material collected on the client's side: documents, artifacts, and insights into what needs to be done.


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Business analysis is complex processes that involve many IT specialists of different profiles. Today, there is virtually no company that has not "brought" its business online. The development and launch of a web resource is carried out in several stages. Only careful preparation allows you to realize a project that will bring business results. Therefore, the choice of contractor should be treated responsibly.

  • We do not just develop websites, but bring clients into the business.
  • We meet the deadlines, budget and quality level of the project.
  • We find the best solution based on business goals and within budget.
  • We take responsibility and give results.

Our team will help you solve even the most complex tasks. Contact us for more information!

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