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The main purpose of the preliminary analysis is to provide a technical proposal to the customer. For this purpose, it is necessary to find out the customer's needs as much as possible and create a separate document with the product requirements. Discovery phase is an information gathering procedure that provides an understanding of the industry for which the product is being developed, your customer's business and the target audience. It is important to get a deep understanding of the customer's expectations, decision makers on their side and the end users regarding the product.

All the details you find out during the Discovery Phase will help you define the scope of work, timeline, and plan for the project tasks, and will help ensure that the customer receives a quality software product designed to meet their needs.

Why does the Discovery Phase of a project matter?

Discovery Phase helps you clearly understand when, how, and what you will get by documenting all important aspects of development, from expectations to exact functionality and estimates.

As a software development company, we study your exact expectations and requirements to better understand your business idea. Moreover, as our solution architects and development team get to know your product history better, they are able to create the most appropriate solutions according to your needs and expectations. This allows them to offer alternative solutions that can significantly enhance the ultimate value that end users will receive.

Sometimes our technical experts offer alternative solutions during the project discovery phase that meet the clients' needs and expectations, but will be implemented differently. In this way, we can achieve a reduction in project development time and cost, which is highly valued by stakeholders, providing them with added value.

What are the challenges that can be addressed during the Discovery phase of a project?

Let's briefly review the main challenges that can be addressed during the software discovery phase.

  1. Endless project scope changes and budget sprawl. The lack of strictly documented and measurable milestones can lead to endless changes and scope creep. In turn, this is likely to delay project launches and cause budget overruns.
  2. Broken deadlines and installation costs. The software discovery phase allows for a strict timeline with iterative development phases that define the exact timing of project development. Lack of defined goals, priorities, and requirements can lead to longer timelines and delayed launches. Thus, you as a client may face climbing costs throughout the development process.
  3. Unsuitable projects that do not meet your requirements. The research phase allows both parties to avoid all misunderstandings and stay in touch later on. You can specify exact expectations and get meaningful feedback from our experts in terms of technical implementation.

This means that they specifically describe a way to create a feature or the entire functionality of the product to meet your needs and expectations. This is a win-win strategy for both your company and M1, as we eliminate all possible uncertainties upfront.







What do we do during the Discovery Phase?

Lean Model Canvas. First, we create a conceptual description of the business model of the future product for the MVP in the form of a diagram describing all business processes related to the product: offering, infrastructure, customers and financial aspect.
Customer Journey Map. In addition, a "map" of the customer's communication with the product is created. This is a visual graph of user's interaction with the product, which includes all expected points and channels of such interaction, as well as visualized experience of the customer, taking into account his thoughts, emotions, goals, motives, fears on the way to achieve the result.
User Flow. To determine how the user will interact with the interface of the new product, User Flow is created in the form of schematically depicted screens of the software solution and transitions between them. Thus, user behavior scenarios are designed through visual prototypes of the interface.
User Stories. A brief description of how the system will be used describes the functional requirements for the system and the acceptance criteria. User Stories allow the customer to effectively prioritize the implementation of the product functionality.
Product Vision. This document, describing the overall goals of the project and the proposed solution, allows to better understand the goals of the product creation, its potential and future prospects. Product Vision is useful for all parties involved in development developers, staff, marketing department, etc.
Non-functional requirements. Our team also makes recommendations regarding system properties or constraints that are not related to system behavior, optimal technology stack, infrastructure architecture, and expected load.

Why choose us

In our agency you can order the development of a business plan on the most pleasant and favorable conditions. Here are just some of the advantages of cooperation with M1:

  • We provide full transparency in web development processes.
  • We provide systematic reporting for all services for drafting and developing a business plan.
  • We keep to the deadlines due to optimization and parallel processes, well-coordinated team interaction.
  • We guarantee the consolidation of the obtained results. 

To clarify the details of cooperation, to learn more about what includes web development of business plan for IT project, contact us by contact phone number on the site or through the feedback form.

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