Every day, year after year for the last 10 years, we have been implementing complex, interesting web projects. During this time we have accumulated a huge experience of trial and error, subtleties and nuances, which will undoubtedly help to improve your project. We try not to just blindly follow the instructions, but to help the customer to realize the right product to grow and develop with him.


What areas do we work in?

Here are some examples of niches we work in:

  • Fintech;
  • IoT;
  • Logistic;
  • Retail;
  • Construction;
  • Healthcare;
  • Travel;
  • Insurance;
  • E-commerce;
  • Edtech (Education).


Fintech technologies use the latest scientific achievements in the field of: big data collection and processing, artificial intelligence, robotization, distributed registries, cloud technologies, biometrics, mobile technologies. Currently, fintech is most widely used in the financial sector. But similar technologies can increase efficiency in those industries where financial turnover is not the only component of business processes. Avada Media has experience in such developments and is ready to offer businesses system software solutions


IoT platform is a digitalization tool that provides automation of processes and full control over their execution. The Internet of Things helps businesses to reach a new level. By implementing modern technologies with artificial intelligence, a company optimizes operations, minimizes errors and brings services to a high level. It is a solution applied in various business areas. The development of IOT solutions in our company is done on a turnkey basis, from the beginning of the project discussion to its full launch and control of operation.


Creating a website for a transport company is a big step towards digitalization. It opens up new business opportunities, helps to scale and leads to growth. By automating business processes, simplifying document flow, and better customer interaction, the capabilities of a transportation company are enhanced, leading to increased profits. Before you create a website for a transportation company, you need to clearly define the tasks it should perform. Our specialists conduct a detailed analysis of competitors, study the niche, determine the best qualities of your business and help you form a concept.


The development of a retail website starts with the design and the definition of the type of store. Hiring our company to create a retail website means getting a successful result of skillful combination of marketing strategy, creative design and modern development technologies.


A good construction company should do its job well and present its services correctly. A convenient and properly made website will improve the image of your company, and most importantly will help visitors to familiarize themselves with your services and order them. Our team of web developers will help you create a user-friendly and attractive website that your customers will love.


Healthcare website is an online resource that is dedicated to health, treatment, pharmacology or medical equipment. The customers of such online portals can be any organization from the healthcare sector. Healthcare website developer should take into account a number of peculiarities of planning, design and promotion of IT projects in this industry. Our team of programmers will help you to solve this task.


The website of a travel company should give a pleasant impression of the company and create a solid image for the company. Our developers will help to make the website user-friendly and informative. The visitor will be involved in the offer from the very beginning and will be provided with the necessary information about tours to the fullest extent.


The development of an insurance company's website goes through several stages. Among them it is worth mentioning niche research, marketing strategy development, prototype, design rendering, layout, programming, testing, launch and maintenance. That's why we allocate a separate development team for each project. This is how successful websites are developed, which cases are in our portfolio. You can study them before hiring our programmers.


E-commerce encompasses a number of different types of businesses and corporations and is becoming one of the most important aspects of the Internet. Owners of large, medium and small businesses are getting involved in the e-commerce process and are realizing that developing marketplaces and sophisticated online stores is at the forefront of scaling their business. Creating a customized online store is not an easy task, so it should be entrusted to experienced developers who have experience in this field.

Edtech (Education)

EdTech is a very broad term. It is used as a synonym for online education, as well as a collective name for any technology for the educational process. Our team will understand the technology specifics of your business and help you create an effective EdTech website.



Why Choose Us

Why should you hire us? Website development in our company guarantees: a clear marketing concept, a unique and thoughtful design focused on user-friendliness, a simple and accessible structure, as well as optimized program code to ensure future development and growth. We will take your project from an idea to a finished, functioning website that will interact with customers and convince them to use the services of your transportation company.

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M1 Development are a full-service, collaborative agency launching and scaling the next generation of startups

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