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CMS (Content Management System) - is a software solution or a whole information system that provides management of the content of the site by means of a graphical interface, solving the routine tasks of creating and deleting pages, sections, blocks and much more.

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Types of CMS

Different types of CMS exist to solve certain problems. There are also CMS positioning themselves as a global solution, but such systems are usually very complex and expensive. Below is a brief list of the most popular CMS, with which our company works:

  • Wordpress; 
  • Shopify; 
  • OpenCart; 
  • Webflow; 
  • Joomla; 
  • Tilda;
  • ModX, etc.

Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Wordpress. First of all, it is designed for blogging. Its main task is to simplify the process of creating and maintaining a blog as much as possible for the average user.

OpenCart. This is one of the most popular engines for creating an online store, it has a large number of developments and additions. The main advantage is a simple and clear architecture based on the design template Model-View-Controller, high speed. The main disadvantage is poor support and a large number of bugs. For full-fledged work and good sales you will need to buy a lot of paid extensions. It is quite difficult to configure them on your own, so you will have to resort to the help of specialized companies.

MODx. This system is mostly suitable for people with programming knowledge, as it has a very complex management interface. MODx platform has two versions: Evolution (previous) and Revolution (newest), which differ in functionality. And the first version is no longer supported by developers. Both engines are distributed for free, have an open source code and are adapted to the work of online stores.

Joomla! Free engine Joomla! is open source and allows modernization of the core system. You can install Joomla! even if you are not familiar with HTML and CSS. Initially installed engine provides the most minimal functionality, and all useful features should be additionally installed through paid and free extensions. 

Shopify. Shopify is one of the world's most popular content management systems. Due to close cooperation with Amazon, Google, Facebook, it is able to significantly stimulate global sales. The engine can be optimized with over 500 free plugins, including plugins for payment systems and marketplaces.

Of course, it is difficult to choose a solution that is suitable for your project from such a variety of options, but if you need a simple informational site or catalog, free CMS or even a content builder can be a good choice, and you do not need an expensive platform with a bunch of useless functions. Often not everything that is paid and costs a lot is of high quality, so it is better to consult with an experienced developer or use the services of professionals who can find the best solution for your business.

Our team works with different types of CMS and we can easily find the best solution for your business. All you need to do is to contact us and describe your project. This will be enough for us to create the perfect website for you and help you run a profitable business.

CMS website development is a set of works that allows you to open the boundaries for your business. Creating a website will certainly attract new customers, increase demand for products or services that you provide. Our company provides turnkey services: starting from the idea we step by step build the logic of work, architecture of your project and promotion strategy.

Our CMS Web Development Services


Corporate website

Development of a corporate website on a turnkey basis is an integral process of formation of each new company. Today, the corporate website is not just a "business card" of the company on the Internet, but a powerful marketing tool that increases sales and customer loyalty.


Online store

E-commerce takes the leading place in terms of growth rates. The main advantage of Internet commerce - a significant reduction in service costs, which allows the owner of an online store to compete with offline sites. If you wish to start your own online business, we will provide the creation of a turnkey online store, conduct extensive marketing, and advise on each stage of your direction.


Landing page

Development of Landing Page is suitable for companies that need to quickly sell one service or product over the Internet. One-page sites are more conversion tool than a standard corporate website, as the presentation of information (product or service) comes in the form of storytelling, and the visitor, without switching between pages, gets all the information in the form of a continuous ribbon of content, which in turn does not allow you to unfocus.


Promo sites

Promo sites are separate pages that are created specifically to advertise and promote new offers or brands. Such pages contain comprehensive information about a product or service, its advantages and features, and encourage visitors to purchase the product or order a service.


Business sites

For business websites on the Internet, where there is no physical contact with the client, it is important to create the impression that behind all this web interface is a real person and crew. Our team can help you create the perfect business website that will grab the attention of users and help you build a good reputation.



A blog is a website where the main content is made up of regularly added entries, whether it is new information, images or multimedia. A blog is a great tool for self-presentation. If you want to create a corporate blog for your online presence, the company's image will be larger and more vibrant than if you use a business card site or microsite. The blog format allows you to keep in constant touch with your target audience. This will help you keep track of their requests and thus improve your offerings.


Why Choose Us?

We care about our customers, that's why more than 76% of our customers build long-term relationships with us and recommend us to their friends. The company is constantly growing, developing and expanding its staff. The interests of the customer are our priority.

Choosing us - you choose quality, reasonable price and specific proposals. We do not give false predictions and promises, working on the basis of the contract we are responsible for our actions. We do not divide customers into large and small, each of our customers is very valuable to us and has only one priority - high.

After the realization of the project we will be happy to support it and help in business development. Besides CMS website development, we also offer marketing services, so our team can help you find your first customers and grow into a profitable business.

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