CMS development

WordPress opens up new possibilities for developing your business or other activities in the digital space. WordPress development is suitable for almost any purpose except for the online big store with a large assortment.

Service Website

WordPress is ideal for the development of service sites. On its basis, you can create a cool project in any field, whether it be:

  • providing medical or legal services;
  • repair of apartments and houses;
  • installation of air conditioners;
  • drilling wells, etc.

Service website on WordPress easily scalable through modules and plugins. With their help, you can add all the necessary blocks, sections, subsections, thereby achieving optimal functionality.

Online store

Small online stores can also be created on the basis of WordPress. The site gets all the necessary functionality through the same modules and plugins. Cool design can be created by editing a free or paid theme. But if you want to create a large online store, pay attention to woocommerce website development.

It has SEO optimization, fast page loading, etc. You will only have to add products and fill out a standard form. All you have to do is to add products and fill in the standard pages.

Stages of WordPress website development


Getting to know your business

For each project we allocate a team of specialists, as the creation of WordPress sites is a complex process. We study your idea, business, competitors, target audience. Our team works not only with a full-fledged task. If you have an idea for a web service, but have no idea how to implement it yet, tell us about it. Our portfolio includes projects that we have created with clients from an idea to a full-fledged product.


Developing the TOR

Each project is a new story for our team. We create TOR after we get acquainted with your business to be able to create a working product. This is a terms of reference containing all of the client's wishes and requirements for effective and fast work. This is essentially a step by step guide to turning your idea into reality.



As long as the client has positive emotions at the first contact with the portal, the project is successful. In order to have positive emotions always, custom WordPress development is based on the analysis of your target audience. The layout of the service is written with UI/UX: all the possible user avatars are taken into account, every possible scenario is analyzed, the logic of the resource is built. At this stage, a working prototype is immediately tested to prevent possible errors.


Design and Content

Design is a silent representative of your company in the virtual space. Open-source development opens up a variety of paid and free themes with additional effects. We can put together the best ideas specifically for your business. We will also help with filling text and visual content.


Backend and Frontend project development

WordPress is an open source system, so the site is created faster. In addition, the technology is regularly updated and improved, which affects the acceleration of the site and audience loyalty. We will customize the functionality of the pages and their usability. Backend developers will help with organization and storage of data, customize the interface, and process the information that will be displayed on the page. Frontend developers will help set up the appearance of the portal.


QA - Testing

It is imperative that before we start the project we test it. To find all the bugs and problems and fix them right away. Only after testing and error correction, when we have an adaptive and functional resource, your potential customers will see it.

The advantages of WordPress

Popularity. This engine is supported by all hosters. Many developers are working with it. And you probably did not accidentally decide to create a website on this CMS. Popularity does its job.
Affordability. WordPress is absolutely free. And it significantly reduces the cost of site development.
A huge number of modules and plugins. Most of them - free. And paid modules have a reasonable cost. This makes the process of site development fast and inexpensive.
Themes. Templates for sites on WordPress developed by many developers. Any of them are easy to customize. You can also order a WordPress custom theme development and create a unique website with all the features that you need.
Free updates. WordPress is regularly updated, becomes more convenient and more protected from hacking. And all updates are free.
SEO. Sites on WordPress are perfectly optimized for search engines. So high positions and good traffic are guaranteed for you.
Performance. With proper technical optimization sites on WordPress work quickly and stably.
Ease of learning. Administrative panel is so simple that even a beginner can understand it. No special knowledge is required here, so ordinary PC users can control the work of the website.

WordPress website development cost

Each resource is unique, so it is impossible to determine the final cost of website development, without the original data. If there is an idea and a preliminary ToR, our specialists can give a preliminary estimate of the project. 

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