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A well-thought-out website is an effective start or a powerful boost for your business on the web. We develop web projects for our clients that cater to all the needs of companies in the online space. We create websites for small to large businesses. Gain the superpower of a professional and creative team with experience in crafting impressive web projects. Describe your idea, and we will find the optimal solution for launching or scaling your business.

Stages of website development

  • Concept and web design. Researching the client's requirements, developing the concept, and architecture of the future website. Web design involves creating graphic elements for a unique and attractive website design that adheres to UX/UI principles. Finalizing the graphical layout and planning the user interface of the site.
  • Web development. It is a complex and crucial part of creating a website. It involves implementing the web designer's plan by front-end developers and programmers. The technical execution of the site is critical for its effectiveness and functionality.
  • Content filling. Initial content filling of the site, approved by the client, including text, photos, videos, and graphics. Quality, relevant, and unique content is essential for a successful commercial website.
  • Testing, configuration, and setup. Testing the site, assessing functionality, evaluating user-friendliness, and checking mobile responsiveness. The final step involves configuring the admin panel for the client, ensuring they have an easy and convenient tool to manage their site. Domain and hosting setup.

What professional website development means

  • A comprehensive approach. All development, from design to programming, is aimed at achieving the client's goals. We use advanced technologies, competitive analysis, and best web development practices to create websites.
  • High quality. Quality execution, absence of critical errors on the part of the programmer, consideration of SEO requirements in the technical component and structure of the site. This also includes the issue of site security in terms of personal data protection, financial security when making a purchase through the site, and so on.
  • Marketing component. Readiness for further promotion in search engines should be laid at the stage of site development. If the requirements of SEO were not taken into account initially, the subsequent editing of the structure and internal optimization will become extremely difficult and not always possible! For this reason, prior consideration of such requirements is the key to the long-term growth of your project.
  • Secure work. Development takes place on a test server, and the coding and markup are done in several stages, with tracking used for version control. Regular project backups are made.
  • Non-disclosure guarantee. We respect the commercial confidentiality of our clients. All partners working on the project sign non-disclosure agreements regarding the client's information and data.
  • In-house servers for development. Building large websites takes time, and they need to be hosted somewhere during development. We take care of this, so you don't have to pay for hosting during the development process.
  • Payment for results by the minute. Before starting, we make a detailed assessment and create a task specification with timing. Clients pay only for the actual hours spent on the project. If we finish faster, you pay less.

Our team is well-equipped for each development stage: project managers (work organization and client interaction), designers (project and layout development), front-end developers (layout), back-end developers (site functionality and integration), testers (checking display and performance).

We work with each client individually, as no two projects are the same. The cost of creating a website is always calculated on a per-client basis, taking into account all stages of the work, material readiness, the need for preliminary semantic core development, competitor analysis, and the formation of the site's structure, content quality, and other factors. After you contact us and provide the task, we calculate the cost of creating the site based on the volume and scope of the work.

Our agency specializes in internet marketing, so we initially offer clients websites ready for SEO promotion if needed. We pay significant attention to the mobile responsiveness of the site across various devices, as the majority of users access websites from mobile devices, surpassing 75% of all users. We also offer web development in java as well as other options to our clients. If you are looking for a trustworthy web agency just contact us!







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Why choose us

We develop websites and web portals, offer services in SEO promotion and technical support. We create corporate styles for companies and develop mobile versions and applications. The core team has been working since the company's founding, ensuring the highest level of quality in every new web project. We guarantee an individual approach to every new website. 

You will get a team of pros, capable of turning your idea into a powerful business tool on the web. Experience, talented designers and programmers, transparent work with hourly payment, own servers for development - these are our main advantages. We finish the projects we take on. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us!

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M1 Development are a full-service, collaborative agency launching and scaling the next generation of startups

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