One of the important organs of perception is vision, sight. What we see, immediately forms our primary opinion. It is very important that the user, coming to your site, for the first few seconds to realize that you are a serious player in the market, and you are a professional. After all, your site is the face of your business.

A website may have fancy effects, impressive author photos and complex graphics, but if it is not user-friendly, such investments of time and money will not yield high conversion rates and sales. The opposite is also true: if the site is convenient, but not attractive and boring in appearance, it will affect the attendance negatively.

UX design is a whole concept that includes visual design, information architecture, usability, and principles of human-computer interaction. UX design's main goal is to improve user satisfaction and increase user loyalty by simplifying the process of interaction with the software product as much as possible.

In other words, a good UX design is when the user wants to come back to your product again and again. Ideal is when he uses it himself, recommends it to others and gives it a good rating. Basically, the same definition can be applied to ordinary products, not just software. Or here's another definition: it's the process of determining what kind of experience a person has when using your product (and working to make that experience positive).

UI design is the process of visualizing some sort of prototype, developed based on past user experience and deep learning about your target audience. That is, it's what the product will look like and how it can be used.

UX determines how a website will work

The development of ux design affects the entire interaction of the user with the site, on his impression from visiting the web site. First of all, on how quickly the guest will orient on the site and reach his goal. The more convenient, easier and faster this will be, the more pleasant impressions of the functionality of the web site. The visitor is likely to return to the site again.

UX includes:

  • Helping users solve their problems. How quickly does a customer get an answer to a question? Does the company manager call him back? This is also Ux.
  • Site logic. Does the client understand the navigation? Did he quickly find the payment form?
  • The choice of locations of site elements, etc.

UI determines how the site will look like

This design evokes certain emotions in the visitor by the color scheme, the shape of buttons, and decorative elements. It stimulates him to order a service, buy a product, subscribe or take another action in which the company is interested. UI designer analyzes and takes into account the expectations of the target audience, its preferences and current design trends, with the help of which he makes the site meet the needs and desires of potential customers.

UI includes:

  • Color schemes of the page.
  • The shape of buttons.
  • Fonts.
  • Size and quality of images, etc.

Best UX/UI design

The UX/UI design relationship is the answer to two questions: how the system will work and how it will look like. UX/UI design directly affects the profit a resource brings. Qualitatively built design significantly increases sales and helps users to fall in love with your product and your company from the first interaction.

The right location of text blocks, buttons, their color and size, readable fonts and indents between them each has a huge impact on the popularity of your resource among users and the profit it brings.

Well-researched needs of your market and your company, well-considered structure combined with unusual design solutions is the recipe for a successful business, the effectiveness of which is multiplied by UX design and reinforced by UI design.








Why choose us

We have realized many cases using a user experience approach both in the field of mobile apps and UI design. Here is the list of benefits you will get if you choose our agency.

  • Professionalism. For us, it is a combination of knowledge, practical experience and professional skills. We strive to create not just impressive, but maximally useful and effective things.
  • Focus on goals. We clearly formulate goals and successfully achieve them, which allows the client to get a high quality product and increase the company's profit.
  • Speed. Technology does not stand still, so we pay attention to current trends and quickly adapt to changes. We value the time of our clients, deadlines do not scare us, because we fulfill our tasks on time, quickly and with high quality.
  • We work for results. The success of our clients is our success! That is why we develop only quality services that ensure business development.

Comprehensive offer. Ordering a package of complex promotion in our company, you will get a full-fledged marketing department of cool specialists who will stimulate your sales and develop your brand on the Internet. For each client we build an effective online marketing system from scratch or supplement the model that already works in your company. We focus on partnership and long-term cooperation, which will be based on close and quality relationships.

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