Targeting in Google Ads is set up for users with specific parameters: age, gender, location, type of device, and others. In order for an advertising campaign to be effective, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the settings and use all the features that the advertising platform provides.

Main advantages

The most accessible, intuitive and effective methods of advertising on the Internet are contextual and targeted advertising. Contextual advertising in Google is displayed on the search page and shown to users who have entered a specific search query.

Targeted is designed for a wider audience: it is displayed on the sites of the Google Contextual Media Network, YouTube, mobile applications and Gmail. Targeted advertising allows you to capture audiences that are at the lower and middle stages of the sales funnel. Ads or videos are needed to introduce users to a product or service, generate interest in the product and get quality traffic to the site. It is the targeting in Google Adwords that is best suited for promotions, launching a new product on the market, a campaign aimed at increasing brand awareness or improving image.


Retargeting identifies users who have visited a website, watched a video, or visited an app. The more points of contact a company has had with a user, the more likely they are to make a purchase or order a service. Retargeting is a way to build long-term contact, including with an audience that has already purchased goods.

Key advantages of retargeting

  • Allows you to rationally spend your media advertising budget. Ads in Facebook and Instagram are seen by users familiar with your offer. Payment is charged on the CPA model you pay for transitions, not for impressions. That's why CTR from campaigns is on average up to 3 times higher than for shows to a cold audience.
  • High percentage of user conversion from visitor to buyer. People make purchases on the Internet in 4 steps: they look for a product, gather information, compare prices, and order. Retargeting helps to remind about you on the 2nd and 3rd steps, so that the user returns to your site ready to buy.
  • Ad campaign audience loyalty. Retargeting is not annoying, unlike untargeted ads. Most of your customers use at least two social networks every day. Retargeting works on all popular social networks at once, and your offer will find a user on any site.







What is included

Setting up an advertising campaign and its management. Specialists of our agency will make professional settings for target audience targeting. It is worth noting that all work will be done directly on your account, which will be accessible only to us and the customer. This guarantees long-term cooperation and openness of relations. You will be able to see all the works performed. From the number of clicks to cash write-offs by the advertising platform.
Banner design and packaging of the sales proposal. This we also take on ourselves. Our experienced designers have a sense of taste and style, which is so important in today's realities. Internet marketers will form sales texts and develop the concept of illustrations. After that, we will coordinate all this with you. Once all the working elements have been agreed upon, the advertising campaign is implemented and launched.
Lead generation through direct solicitation. There are many ways to handle incoming enquiries from potential customers. These can be either by visiting the website directly or by filling in contacts directly from forms on social networks, Instagram or Facebook. We will design the most suitable way of processing customers and launch it. So that you get orders as quickly as possible.
Monthly maintenance of advertising campaigns as well as social media pages. A kind of testing and experimentation is the only way to find exactly the right mechanism that will bring sales on a regular basis. It is rare that you run an advertisement from the first time and it immediately brings you the expected effect. It is necessary to adjust the rates for clicks on a daily basis, adjust audiences, clicks, and potential reach. We will do this on a monthly basis.
Detailed reporting. Every month you will receive a detailed report: what was done, what result it led to and what will be done in the next month. We will connect the required pixels and analytics service to track the number of incoming requests, user activity, cost of performing targeted actions. In other words, you will have all the required graphs visually displayed. We consider this to be the most important step in the process of setting up and maintaining targeting.

Why choose us

The services provide almost unlimited opportunities to fine-tune your advertising campaign. You can collect information about your site visitors, segment them by many characteristics and run different ads for each audience.

Our team has over 10 years in marketing and knows all about effective use of targeting and retargeting. We can help you get lots of customer submissions at the lowest possible cost. Just contact us and an M1 specialist will tell you about the features of these and other tools that can take your business to a whole new level!

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