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According to statistics, to make a decision to buy a product, a customer needs to make at least 15 touches with a brand. Social networks make it possible to do this the greatest number of times at the lowest cost. Engage your target audience with useful and interesting content, and in return, get satisfied customers.

Here are some of the main benefits you can get from being active on social media:

  • creating a constant channel of communication with your target audience;
  • increased reach and brand awareness;
  • growth of targeted traffic to the promoted resource;
  • increasing product loyalty;
  • stimulating sales on the website, offline, or directly in social networks;
  • creating your own network of brand fans.

SMM promotion is a relatively new, but very popular service. It involves a set of marketing activities and communications in social networks Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and so on. Their purpose is to form a positive image and development of the company, strengthening brand recognition and expanding interaction with potential customers. This work is performed by a social media marketing agency.

SMM promotion is effective if the specialist not only knows how to write texts and behave tolerantly with the audience, but also owns programs for working with images, for creating video and animation. Those who promote on Instagram need the ability to process video and photo content in mobile applications.

Do you want to make your company more recognizable and your online platform more perfect and want to order SMM company services? Contact our support team, we will be happy to advise you!

SMM as an internet marketing tool

The advantage of SMM promotion is the low cost of attracting clients. Having started the promotion of your brand in social networks, already in a month the first results will be visible. Those who offer an influx of clients from the first days of promotion too exaggerate their capabilities. It is necessary to really evaluate all factors. Increase in real sales will begin in about 1-2 months. During this time, the target audience will join the ranks of your subscribers and get used to the new brand.

The cost of SMM promotion is quite low compared to the benefit received. It is important to organize the entire process as productively as possible. This can only be done by an experienced specialist who will pay attention to your project on a daily basis. Collecting posts and periodically uploading them to the page, of course, is not enough. This is only a small part of the responsibilities of a SMM agency. The main attention for effective promotion in social networks should be paid to advertising.

Facebook, Instagram and other less popular social networks have their own advertising system. But, in addition, the specialist should use other methods of attracting the target audience. It is necessary to take into account the fact that updates and changes in the work of social networks can affect the effectiveness of SMM promotion. For a non-professional it is very difficult to track them all and organize marketing in the right direction.

Depending on your line of business, required timeframe and goals, social network and other factors, a specialist can recommend additional ways of promotion: promotions, contests and more.

It is also necessary to analyze social traffic flows in a timely manner. Now a huge mass of Internet users use smartphones and tablets as access to the Internet. Opportunities there are more limited compared to computers and not all sites can be viewed from such gadgets. If the number of such users is a significant proportion of your visitors, then, of course, it is necessary to optimize your site in such a way that it is convenient to access it from any device. The best solution will be to create an adaptive design for the site.

The sooner you establish work and interaction with social networks, the sooner you will begin to grow search traffic, and search engines are much more likely to find your site.

If you want to order social media marketing, we suggest you contact the M1 team in time, and we will help you to effectively increase the popularity of your website and attract potential customers.







What SMM agency does

SMM company services include a huge range of works on promotion:
study of the company's sphere of activity;
analyzing the market and main competitors;
identification of requests and needs of the target audience and their segmentation by interests;
developing a strategy for promoting the account in social networks;
tracking trends and creating text, audio and video content (taking into account the peculiarities of a particular social network);
consulting on the company's products, questions for discussion, answering comments;
setting up advertising campaigns;
setting up linking between articles in the blog or on the company's website, E-mail newsletters and content in social networks;
analyzing performance results;

Why choose us

We form an individual promotion strategy based on the main objectives: selling goods and services, increasing the number of loyal audiences in communities, etc. We combine various SMM activities to achieve the set KPIs. We combine various SMM-activities to achieve the set KPIs. At the end of the advertising period a report is generated, which reflects the expenditure of funds on all channels and the achieved monthly indicators (reach, conversions, CPM, CPC, etc.) with a breakdown by social networks.

You will be assigned your own manager, who will suggest the most effective tools, coordinate the prepared materials and report on the work done. Our agency highly appreciates each client's project and does everything possible to ensure that you achieve the highest results in social networks!

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