Ads in Google Ads (AdWords) - text, text-graphic banners, video. The format depends on the type of advertising campaign used, the place of display. It helps to achieve various business goals: from outreach, traffic growth to increasing leads and sales.

PPC will help to attract users ready to order your goods or services on the following sites, advertising systems and services:

  • in search results;
  • on video resources, the main one being YouTube;
  • in the product search gallery (Shopping Campaign);
  • partner network of sites (Display Network, or GDN);
  • mobile applications iOS, Android;
  • maps, Gmail, etc.

Why you need a PPC specialist

PPC in Google Adwords is known as the most effective way to provide information about some event that requires quick response and customer engagement. It is the most successful and effective marketing move that companies use to instantly attract potential visitors to their website. The principle of action is to show advertisements at the exact moment when the visitor is looking for information on the relevant subject.

Such search queries are hot, which means that a person who is looking for something is already ready to act and is highly likely to form a potential lead. This allows you to significantly increase attendance (relevance) of the resource by the target audience, which is taken into account by search engines of all systems. But you should consider the fact that such a "hot" audience is also the most expensive. Therefore, it is important to filter out garbage queries from the target ones and understand that each click can cost a lot in a highly competitive auction (depending on the field of activity and the cost of the final product).

By ordering Google PPC advertising setup at M1 agency you get the opportunity to:

  1. Increase sales. This is the main goal of our agency works, because a qualitatively conducted advertising campaign guarantees a real increase in the attendance of your resource. Interesting and qualitative content of texts presented by our specialists will definitely interest the target audience, leading to the necessary purchase or registration. To realize this goal, the specialists of our company have developed their own strategy of advertising ads. Using the capabilities of the search engine, we provide coverage "broad match", which means that the search is launched not on the exact keyword, but on a similar thematic combination and gives a link to the information on your site, increasing the number of visits. At the same time, there is a strict selection and analytics of minus-phrases that people can use your advertising budget for.
  2. Increase the conversion rate on the site. To do this allows only a professional approach to the study of this position, which is one of the most visible metrics of the work of the web resource of a commercial structure. Conversion rates are usually expressed in percentages and is determined by the ratio of the audience who visited the site to the number of those who made a purchase. Counters used in search engines, allows our agency to identify flaws and problems in the functioning of the site and conclude why this indicator is reduced or unstable. To optimize this function it is important to establish a convenient navigation of the site, interface design, the use of viewing, ordering, feedback, indicating the phone numbers and addresses of the official representation of the company.
  3. To finalize the selling functions of landing pages with the help of promotions and Internet marketing. Our company does not start work until it studies and corrects the landing pages that will receive traffic from contextual advertising.







What is included in setting up Google PPC Ads?

Our company undertakes the following tasks.
Selection of key queries. Automated and manual selection of target queries and keywords. One of the most important and time-consuming stages of PPC campaign setup. 
Advertising. Composition of "selling" headlines of ad texts according to the requirements of Google ads PPC systems, additional settings (quick links, pictures, addresses and phone numbers, etc.).
Analyzing the pages of the site. Work on building a link advertising-content of the site, which leads to the ad. Evaluating the relevance of queries.
Analytics. Connect Google Analytics and Pixel Facebook. Form and prescribe conversion goals for tracking. Set parameters on forming LAL audiences for greater effectiveness of PPC advertising and retargeting launch.
Monthly reporting. We generate monthly reporting and give recommendations on each advertising campaign. We watch and analyze the behavior of users on the site and get specific solutions to improve usability, PPC advertising effectiveness and cost reduction.
Working with Google Analytics and selection of minus-phrases. Cleaning the main core of the necessary search queries from trash. Daily tracking of conversion actions and adding minus words/phrases.

Why choose us

M1 Agency is ready to take on the whole complex of Internet marketing, rather than a separate tool, thus leading analytics and optimizing all client's communications on the Internet, responsible for the final result, rather than intermediate KPI.

Clear, but at the same time flexible business processes allow the client to get the best result from any task. Friendly communication approach allows you to interact with the agency by any modern communication methods. Contact us today and find out exactly how our company can help your business!

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M1 Development are a full-service, collaborative agency launching and scaling the next generation of startups

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