It not only plays a significant role in attracting consumer attention and separating your business from competitors, but also affects the behavior of customers, making them fall in love with the brand and want to get it. And if there is interest in the product, then sales will increase.

The logo lays the message and idea of the brand. Coming up with a logo is not as easy as it seems. A logo is not a one-time image. It will be seen not only on the product, but everywhere the brand will be advertised. Therefore, the development of the logo - a creative process, taking into account all areas of its future use, in the end, the logo should bring revenue to the company, increasing its credibility in the market.

The task of the logo is to bring the visual message of the brand to the public, to increase interest in the product, to be remembered. A quality logo becomes the visual link between the market and the brand. It will be difficult to change the logo when the company declares itself in the market, because the applied logo will already evoke associations with the brand. 

Basic requirements for logo design

Logo, trademark - one of the most important elements of the brand, which helps not only to enter the market, but also to increase sales, gain fame and recognition. If the logo is designed successfully, it turns into a brand itself. 

Logo is a graphic visualization of the image and the main idea of the company (brand). The main element of corporate identity, a promotional tool, attracting the attention of consumers and partners, the identifier of the company among competitors.

The main task of making a logo - recognizability of the company or brand. Logo is a bright brief and emotional story about your brand, mission, ideology, values of the company and product. Logo is a brand indicator, which is a guarantor of quality and reliability of the company in the eyes of the consumer. A custom logo can be an illustration, an inscription, a symbol or a combination of these elements.

Types of logos

  • Text. This type of logo is commonly known in graphic design as word mark. This type can be represented by all sorts of variations of fonts of different styles and sizes. Slanted fonts symbolize movement, flat - strictness and brevity, handwritten - refinement and elegance.
  • Graphic. This type of logo has the appearance of a graphic image that forms an original image and conveys a literal or abstract idea of the brand or company. Often this type of logo includes a variety of lines, shapes, outlines of objects, etc.
  • Combined. Is one of the most common types of logo. It mixes the two previous types. Text and picture act as one, providing efficiency and additional visibility of what the company wanted to convey to the audience.
  • Character. A new character that plays a key role in creating the company's image and brand identity. The main purpose of the character is to attract additional attention to the product, to highlight it against the background of competitors, to increase its recognizability in the market.
  • 3D. The volumetric type is a geometric logo in three-dimensional space. It allows you to create the illusion of volume, which contributes to attracting increased interest.







The requirements for a logo are as follows:

Originality - provides differentiation in relation to other logos.
Memorability - determined by the main function of the logo - to identify.
Color and typographic consistency with the brand.
Associativity - the logo can reflect the category, price positioning, emotional coloring of the brand or its rational benefits.
Modernity - up-to-date design and ensuring the brand is clear and recognizable.
Versatility - the logo should work in any environment and on any medium. The size of the logos should be taken into account.

Why choose us

A logo is a symbol that unites the features of a company and its products or services. For your potential client logo - the main difference between competing companies. That's why its design is memorable, catchy.

We will help to create your mark and the company-newcomer, which is just entering the market, and experienced manufacturers who plan to expand and promote their products to a wider range of consumers. Why should you choose our company?

  • Skills, knowledge and experience allow our specialists to create a logo that will be not just beautiful, but commercially successful.
  • Often not one designer can work on the project, but a team, which exchanges their opinions and views, is able to develop the most interesting and effective solution.
  • Our company is fully responsible for the development of a professional logo and, unlike freelancing, guarantees the customer 100% originality of the logo and compliance with all the rules for its creation.
  • Professional designers working for us are high-level specialists who are constantly developing, following trends, attending conferences, mastering the latest innovations in the field of graphic design.
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