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Our company is ready to offer you the services of developers of different profiles, which will help you to get the best result and also save your budget. Many projects only require a full stack developer for the duration of the project, with programmers themselves preferring permanent employment. Given that there is a constant shortage of full stack developers in the market, many startups face problems and bottlenecks just because of this.

So, if you need to find a full stack developer for a specific project with clear deadlines - the best solution is to contact M1. Our team of developers ready to get involved in interesting projects and startups as needed, creating software from scratch or rewriting code created by someone else.

Who is a full stack developer

Full stack developer is a universal programmer who can develop a functional product from scratch. Such a specialist understands both Back-end (hardware and software part of the service) and Front-end (user interface). In fact, the division into Back-end and Front-end appeared only in the 2010s, when software products began to have a complex and multilevel structure. Before that, most programmers acted as full stack by default, although no one called them that.

Now companies are opening positions with full stack requirements for several reasons. For example, a project is not very complex technically, but has a complicated domain logic and requires frequent changes. That is, the main sticking point is "what" exactly needs to be done, not "how". Then one person will be easier to understand and navigate. Or the task is not to create a full-fledged complex product, but an MVP. Then it is easier to find one person: in this way there will be much less contradictions and misunderstandings in the conditions of constant uncertainty and revisions.

In small projects, a full-stack developer is responsible for the entire development, while in large companies he/she can be a team leader, responsible for product design and team management. Connecting the front-end of an application to the back-end is not that hard. But a true full stack must also understand the operational side of things. It's server management, log aggregation, CI pipelines, setting up web servers, databases, virtualization.

Why web full stack developer is in such demand

This programmer is a kind of universal soldier who can replace several more specialized developers and is able to work alone on the software part of the entire project. Full stack developer is called full stack because he/she owns the whole stack of technologies used in the project. That is, it works equally well with both frontend and backend.

Frontend includes all the user visible parts of the project, namely: the layout of the resource and its usability, personal account, user interaction with the resource. Backend is the invisible part of a web application, website or mobile application. Everything that is connected with the server, calculations and information storage is called backend.

Usually such tasks are solved by different specialists, as there are different technologies, programming languages and solutions for frontend and backend. But sometimes you need a full stack developer who will be able to understand and perform tasks related to both client and server side. He will be able to build the design and set up its proper functioning - he will also set up the server. Or, at the very least, be able to competently supervise and coordinate the efforts of highly specialized specialists.







Full stack developer's tasks are determined by their experience and previous projects. Primary responsibilities:

Create system and application architecture;
Develop cross-platform applications;
Responsible for application programmatic interface (API);
Write code for client and server side of the product;
Integrate external services on frontend and backend;
Debugging the program.

Why choose us

If you need to hire a full stack web developer for a specific project, take a look at the M1 database of specialists. We have more than a hundred developers of all directions in our staff. Seniors and middles work on large and complex projects - you can see the company's finished projects in the portfolio.

SCRUM-methodology is used in work, thanks to which high coordination and speed of development are achieved. The method of sprints, i.e. splitting the project into tasks with clear parameters, saves time and money and guarantees the quality of development. M1 concludes a contract with you, which clearly states the guarantees and deadlines. You can find a web full stack developer for your project or startup in our database of specialists with resumes.

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