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The appearance of a digital product plays one of the key roles in the ultimate success, profit. The user evaluates the page in the first few seconds after clicking on a link from a search engine. Further, it is necessary to provide clear navigation through the pages, so that the client quickly oriented, found the necessary information.

Launching products with well thought-out architecture, competent visual content increases traffic and maintains interest in the company. Our front end development services are aimed at creating resources that attract the target audience: websites, mobile applications for businesses of different sizes and industries. Front-end web development aims to carefully customize every visible aspect of a product: headers, structuring, content, etc. Our front end services are all about providing agile solutions, debugging, manual, automated testing. Accessibility, performance, ease of front end navigation are the key goals of the project realization.

What is front end development?

Front-end development is working on the elements that end users see on the screen when they open a website or app; the client-side coding where the data is transformed into a graphical interface.

A front end developer works to ensure that all buttons, icons, contact forms, and subscriptions on the website function correctly. Texts and graphic elements should be displayed correctly, ensuring that they all "fit into their places" and perform the tasks assigned to them (e.g., when a customer clicks the "order" button, a purchase form opens, and when the "play" button is pressed, a video starts playing, etc.).

To ensure that the final product of a front end developer is of high quality, in-demand among users, and meets the requirements set for it, it is necessary to ensure effective collaboration between this developer and all the other specialists working on the task: web designers, marketers, SMM specialists, analysts, etc.

Languages a front-end developer works with:

  • Frameworks (React.js, AngularJS, Vue.js, Ember.js, etc.). Platforms that provide the foundation for creating web applications. They contain predefined and implemented functions with classes. You can also add your own code to the frameworks.
  • CSS. A language for styling the appearance of web pages. CSS instructs the client (browser) on how to display graphic elements on the site. It defines colors, fonts, block layouts, and more. CSS code helps to adapt the web application so that it displays the same on different devices.
  • HTML. The markup language for all elements of a page, allowing you to specify the characteristics of their interaction with each other.
  • JavaScript. A language capable of "bringing to life" web pages. The purpose of creating such scripts is to respond to visitor actions, process mouse cursor movement, keypresses, sent requests, data loading without reloading the page, etc.
  • Associated systems. Understanding of version control tools (GitHub, Git, CVS, etc.), minimal knowledge of graphic editors like Photoshop, Illustrator.

Front end application development services

M1 team is engaged in the front end development of various add-ons, data arrays, and digital publications. We use React.JS, Angular, and other technological solutions to create desktop and mobile applications. Front-end development is the creation of the public part of the system with which users directly interact. Services provided by the company in this area include:

  • Custom front end development. A product created specifically for the client's tasks and needs is always better than a standard package. Investments quickly pay off when the program aligns with a company's business goals.
  • UI design. Designing an interface for user interaction with the program's functionality. This includes not only access to specific functions but also the style, color scheme, clarity, and readability.
  • SPA, PWA. Ordering the creation of single-page and multi-page web applications in the M1 agency ensures an interface that best meets the set tasks.
  • Front end audit. If the software products you have created are running slowly, producing errors, or not meeting your expectations for other reasons, qualified programmers from the studio are ready to work on identifying and eliminating shortcomings.
  • Front end outsourcing. If you need an employee but are not ready to add a new person to your staff, our programmers can help you complete your project.







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Our front-end developer team helps improve user interaction by creating convenient and interactive user interfaces. Taking into account all the functional features, navigation, and accessibility issues, we develop innovative cross-browser applications that work on any device.

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