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Ten years ago, in the realm of digital product development, the dominant alternative to employing in-house developers was entrusting the entire project to an external contractor. In the fast-evolving modern world, there has been a rapid transformation in work approaches, with hybrid methodologies such as staff augmentation and workforce expansion gaining prominence.

Understanding the Dedicated Team Model

Dedicated project team - professionals in project management, frontend and backend development, DevOps, testing and UX/UI design. Formation of a development team is our service for selecting specialists for your specific projects. We offer professionals with experience in software development and integration solutions for the size and budget of your project.

Operational Process

The primary aim of this model is to facilitate the swift assembly of a team that can fill knowledge gaps and function seamlessly as an integral part of your operation. This format of interaction allows for either a complete replacement of an in-house development team or a collaborative effort with an internal team, with well-defined roles and responsibilities.

The engagement process encompasses the following stages:

  • Requirement Gathering. The contractor conducts a comprehensive analysis of project requirements and workflow preferences.
  • Specialist Selection. Competent specialists with expertise in the required technologies are carefully chosen based on project demands. This selection process may span several weeks.
  • Team Integration. At this stage, key personnel, preferred communication channels, and management tools are determined. In some cases, a team lead may be introduced to familiarize themselves with the project initially, with additional team members gradually joining.
  • Reporting Mechanism. As per the predetermined reporting format, the client receives detailed reports regarding hours invested in software development. Monthly service invoices are generated based on these hours.


What are the primary merits that make the Dedicated Team Model so enticing?

  • Swift Recruitment. The service provider maintains a diverse team of specialists, granting you access to talent and cutting-edge technologies without incurring recruitment costs. This ensures that you won't miss out on anticipated profits due to project delays.
  • Scalability. You retain the flexibility to increase or decrease your team's size with just one month's notice to the provider. This saves you from the complexities associated with hiring and dismissing developers, offering protection from legal intricacies related to official employment.
  • Partial Delegation. Minimal client involvement in management is required, as administrative and micromanagement tasks predominantly fall within the service provider's domain. The client participates in making vital decisions that directly influence outcomes and quality.
  • Transparency in Processes. Client participation in management entails daily interactions with the team. This constant communication ensures that you remain informed about the tasks undertaken by the developers, the progress made, and the challenges encountered.


There is no foolproof strategy for engaging service providers, and the Dedicated Team Model does have its disadvantages. Unlike traditional outsourcing, in this model, the client assumes some project risks. For instance, the client is responsible for ensuring the transfer of knowledge and allocation of resources for project documentation in advance, reducing dependency on the provider. Furthermore, the client must ensure full utilization of the team to prevent downtime, as such periods are billable.

When to Leverage a Dedicated Team

This method is well-suited for scenarios in which you possess prior development experience, a profound comprehension of the product development lifecycle, and the ability to create efficient procedures. However, there could be a shortage of internal resources to undertake a project.

It's possible that you lack an in-house IT department, or it is too preoccupied with strategic business priorities to take on additional tasks. For instance, your in-house team manages backend tasks, but you urgently require frontend specialists for a redesign project. If the scope of work is difficult to precisely define, and requirements evolve during the project, engaging a dedicated team can be advantageous.







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Why Choose Us

At M1, we consistently aim to establish enduring, mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients. Our extensive experience demonstrates that the Dedicated Team Model fosters win-win collaborations.

Our mission is to illustrate that an external team can match the dedication and adaptability of in-house employees while aligning with your corporate culture. Working under this model, we have delivered thousands and tens of thousands of hours to clients throughout our years of collaboration, affirming our commitment to assisting you in achieving your specific objectives.

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