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Back end services are a prioritized part of every software development. Despite being visually "in the shadows", the back-end is the driving force that makes a program or website function. Ultimately, the back-end represents the foundation for a solid user experience. Without professional creation, a program does not function in a way that meets the user's expectations.

M1 offers back-end development services. Our developers specialize in building high-quality products for both startups and large companies. We create solutions that help the client realize plans, quickly bring the product to market and, ultimately, increase revenue.

What is back end web application development?

Web development is a complex multi-layered process. It has become conventional and understood to divide it into two major blocks: front end and back end. These terms have emerged for the convenience of separating and systematizing work within a project into external aspects related to what is visible to the user and internal aspects that involve the design and technical implementation of the product.

Front end is responsible for how the website or application is displayed, as well as the functionality of all elements on different devices. Front end includes the interface, visual perception, web design, animation, and other interesting features that developers use to attract the attention of potential customers. Back end, on the other hand, consists of hundreds of processes that are invisible to the user. However, it forms the foundation on which a mobile application is built, including its architecture. It encompasses the software and hardware components, including the server-side. Good back-end development guarantees the quality and performance of a web product. That's why M1 only invites qualified professionals who truly know what they're doing to join its team.

Back end Priorities

Our back end development services encompass not only the interaction between the server, application, and the database but also focus on creating a product that:

  • Runs smoothly;
  • Meets market demands;
  • Provides a pleasant user interface that builds trust and increases customer loyalty.

In user-facing back end development, our employees focus on the following aspects:

  • Performance. Creating a level of performance required for adequate user interaction. Our developers have extensive practical experience in working with and optimizing databases. This allows our company to help clients select the right database and achieve the desired performance standards expected by users.
  • Scalability. The ability to increase performance as needed is critical for every website and SaaS application. Our in-house developers create solutions that can easily scale as required.
  • Security. Extensive knowledge in cybersecurity, system control, and low-level programming makes our work in creating secure solutions effective. Our web development team integrates the necessary security in line with client requirements and industry practices without compromising performance or user convenience.

Reliable Services

Back end services are a significant contribution to the success of the company. In-demand products require professional solutions.

  • Back end Development. Development of custom components for simple or complex web applications, as well as systems that collect, manage, and process data from data sources. The setup of reliable security features and the creation of a user-friendly administrative interface that simplifies configuration.
  • Back end Refactoring. Modifying the system to improve performance without changing the external behavior of the back-end code or losing external components.
  • Cloud Migration. Migrating server systems to the cloud, whether public, private, or hybrid. A wide range of cloud computing services, comprehensive migration support.
  • Back end for Platform-Specific Software. Providing individual server solutions for the administration panel of platform-specific mobile software that requires user registration, login, and data synchronization on multiple devices and platforms.
  • Web API Development. Creating an API layer for an existing web resource that needs integration with other software or external resources.

Our team takes full responsibility for the process, minimizing risks for the client, consistently delivering effective solutions and back end development services on time and within budget.







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Our team provides website and web application development services for large businesses and startups. We approach our work with equal responsibility regardless of the project's cost and size. With extensive expertise, we can tailor personalized solutions that suit your unique product, efficiently allocate time, and reduce costs. When taking on a project, we consider its specific features and select experts with the necessary skills and experience. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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