In November 2022 a client asked us to optimize the website of his medical clinic for the Google search engine.

That we have made a preliminary study to understand the cost of the study is about 600 euros:
1. Required budgets to promote the site
2. Necessary terms for reaching the top 3 of search results

Conducted the following activities
1. Analyzed the site for technical errors
2. Analyzed the customer's external link profile
3. Analyzed competitors for landing pages giving traffic
4. Analyzed the external link profile

The conclusions we made after the analysis. The required budget in this niche is about 1200 euros per month, and terms for which you can get into the top extradition for low-frequency keys from 3 to 6 months, medium-frequency keys 6-12 months, and high-frequency keys 12-18 months.

Also after the study, the following changes were made to the site:
1. Optimized loading speed.
2. All the photos were converted into a modern WEBP format
3. Eliminated double H1 on pages
4. Title and Description on pages
5. Writing tests according to the collected semantic core

What are the results now?

Increase of keywords visibility in Google search engine can be studied in the screenshots

You can also see the growth of impressions and clicks on the site in the screens

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