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M1 team can handle any task related to UI development, module development, OpenCart integration or maintenance of your online store. Our OpenCart development services can be a great option for both startups and industry leaders. We are ready to solve complex problems and add value to your business. M1 experts will build you a secure, scalable and reliable website that will help your company reach the next level.

We always do our best to ensure complete satisfaction of our clients and provide them with cost-effective OpenCart website development solutions.

Why should you choose OpenCart for online store development?

OpenCart is ideal for small to medium sized online stores as it is written in PHP and jQuery with Bootstrap as the CSS framework. It is easy to customize. The MVC system of the OpenCart platform is easy to understand and scale. OpenCart is a complete platform for creating online stores, widely popular and used by thousands of websites around the world.

  • Open Source Platform. OpenCart is an open source platform, so build your store as you see fit.
  • Flexible CMS. Lightweight platform can be hosted on a shared or VPS server. Add products and start taking orders.
  • MVC-L Architecture. The Model-View-Controller-Language framework is a popular software architectural pattern that is extended in opencart to include language options.
  • Huge community support. OpenCart has a large community of thousands of fans and developers.
  • Using ready-made extensions. Thousands of ready-made modules are available on the plugin market.
  • Wide selection of products. OpenCart provides unlimited categories and subcategories to add an unlimited number of products.
  • Multiple payment methods. Supports different payment methods, services and gateways as per your business requirements.
  • Different delivery methods. Integrate individual shipping methods according to your needs.

Customized OpenCart Development

As time and technology trends evolve, we realize that your business also requires changes. Because maintaining a static store is no longer enough these days. Also, in this growing era of digitalization, everyone wants simplicity in any process. Therefore, customers expect and demand more from an online store.

We offer a variety of customization options. All of them are designed to match the moods and expectations of our customers. The result is the best shopping experience for your customer. This happens by meeting each customer's needs and expectations and making it as easy as possible for them to follow the process they need to go through to place an order.

OpenCart store development services

M1 specialists create fully functional and operable websites from scratch using OpenCart - one of the most powerful open source PHP platforms to meet your e-commerce needs.

e-commerce needs.

  • OpenCart Installation and Setup. Being an open source platform, opencart requires initial download and proper installation. You need to have in-depth technical knowledge to handle this process. Our team will perform this procedure for you and also customize the software according to your needs. We have a staff of programmers and developers who will ensure flawless deployment and operation of your future website.
  • OpenCart customization. Launching an OpenCart website is only 50% of success. To make your store as engaging and interactive as possible to attract more users, you need to customize it with CTA blocks, contact forms, intuitive checkout pages and much more. This is where M1 experts will come in handy.
  • Development of extensions for OpenCart site. OpenCart implements the "core + extensions" model and offers a set of built-in tools, widgets and add-ons that improve the work of the site as a whole. Our experts will also develop unique custom extensions to support different languages, currencies, payment gateways, etc. We create SEO-friendly projects that are easy to promote.

Why choose us

Our team has been working for over 10 years in the market of creating online stores and other projects that function online. We have managed to create a team with experts from every field, whose knowledge is necessary to make your website successful.

We are always responsible to the terms of the contract made with the client, we don't blow the deadlines and we keep within the initially agreed budget. In addition, your personal manager will update you on the progress of your website development, so you will always be aware of the details.

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